Copper-Gold-Silver: top trace element, a natural body builder

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le 02 Jan 2019

Thanks to Oligocan trace elements, start 2020 at your best!

In winter, our body is under severe stress! Colds, flu, sinusitis … Viruses proliferate, and with the stress and fatigue we tend to easily get sick. To avoid this, one solution: strengthen your immune system, your natural defense mechanism. And for that, nothing beats a cure of copper-gold-silver trace elements! Here we tell you everything you need to know about this therapeutic approach…

What are trace elements and Oligotherapy?

Micronutrients and trace minerals are naturally occurring molecules that are present in minute amounts in our body but that are essential to our good health. Among them are chlorine, iron, fluorine, but also, surprisingly, copper, gold and silver!

These trace elements contribute, among other things, to several body mechanisms and functions such as:

– the assimilation and metabolism of food
– cell renewal
– functions of the immune system

To benefit from them and to regulate possible deficiencies, it may be useful to opt for complex trace element supplements.

How to use and benefit from micronutrients daily?

During the winter, trace elements are excellent tools to fight against fatigue, infections and viruses. But, to reap their virtues, it is still necessary to know which ones are effective to counter what symptoms!

– Gold is the first essential trace element to keep fit in winter. It is recognized for its anti-infectious properties.
– Copper helps fight infections, viruses, inflammation and fatigue by triggering the production of antibodies. – Silver, helps fight against fatigue and viruses. As a result, gold, copper and silver form a trio of trace elements that are perfect to make sure you are feeling top-notch during the long winter months.

To easily integrate these trace elements essential to your daily life, we have selected for you two remedies in two different forms:

Copper Gold Silver by Oligocan: a complex that comes in liquid form, which combines these 3 trace elements to stimulate your immune system. Not only will it help to prevent infections it will also help   cure the common ailments associated with winter (flu, bronchitis, pharyngitis …). Just take a teaspoon, diluted in a little water, once a day to enjoy its natural and effective action. Ideally taken in the morning to benefit from the positive effects throughout your day.

Homeocan Copper-Gold-Silver pellets: these pellets are useful to relieve the symptoms of common ENT sphere (ears, nose, throat) ailments and reduce fatigue. To effectively benefit from this remedy, melt 3 to 5 pellets under the tongue, 3 times a day.

Our simple tips to strengthen your immune system throughout the winter

These trace elements remedies will allow you to keep fit in winter, but do not hesitate to associate them with other good practices and habits to strengthen your immune system:

Get enough sleep

For an immune system in top shape, it is essential to get enough sleep each night (at least 7 hours for an adult). Indeed, the lack of sleep can disrupt the production of certain hormones. These are essential in the fight against bacterial and viral infections.

Eat fruits and vegetables

Full of vitamins, fruits and vegetables are your key allies for a healthy winter! They help us fight against infections and keep us healthy.

Don’t forget about lemon and honey

Lemon and honey are known for their natural antibacterial and antiseptic actions. It would be a shame to forget them this winter! Do not hesitate to drink a daily infusion of your favorite herbal and add a squeeze of organic lemon juice and a spoonful of natural honey.

Thanks to trace elements and these simple tips, you’ll start 2019 at your best, naturally!

Did you like this article?

Did you like this article?

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