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L’or, l’argent et le cuivre pour mettre votre santé sur le podium

Gold, silver and copper to put your health on the podium

Why consume the trace elements copper, gold and silver in winter?

During the winter, our body is put under severe strain. Viruses proliferate, fatigue sets in and when we least expect it, we fall ill. Do you know how trace minerals can help you stay healthy?

In oligotherapy, the complex of copper, gold and silver is recommended to give a boost to your immune system. However, this is only one of the potential benefits of these elements.

What is a trace element?

Trace elements are mineral salts necessary for the functioning of the human body. They are naturally present in tiny quantities in our body. These mainly include iron, iodine, copper and zinc. As surprising as it may seem, more than 10 trace elements are essential to human health!

When it comes to these minerals, keep in mind that very low plasma and tissue concentrations are normal. In addition, our body is designed to recycle these elements. This is why you should avoid ingesting too much of it. A deficiency or excess will do little good for the human body. So make sure you respect the dosage of the product you consume, and do not hesitate to consult a health professional if in doubt.

Trace minerals participate in several bodily functions, including the production of enzymes, hormones, food metabolism and cell renewal. To benefit from their benefits and regulate potential deficiencies, it can be useful to opt for trace element complexes, selecting the right complexes according to our needs.

What are the daily benefits of trace elements?

During winter, trace minerals provide a great boost to fight fatigue, infections and viruses. But, to benefit from their virtues, you still need to know which ones are the most effective!


Copper has recognized clinical importance. Its atoms are involved in the production of enzymes (proteins that perform a variety of functions), as well as elastin and collagen in blood vessels, cartilage, bones and skin. Copper contributes to the maintenance of the immune system and the absorption of iron.

In oligotherapy, it is known to help fight infections, viruses, inflammation and fatigue. But he is not the only element working in this area.

Gold and silver

Since the dawn of time, different cultures have included gold in their diet. During the Venetian Renaissance, the wealthier classes served sweet almonds covered in gold leaf to their guests. At the time, it was thought to be good for heart health! Today, it is attributed with anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory properties.

In oligotherapy, gold is believed to have the ability to improve your immune system. Combined with silver, you benefit from two elements with antimicrobial and anti-fatigue properties. Combined with copper, they form a perfect trio to make you feel at the top of your game, even during the long winter months!

What natural products provide gold, copper and silver?

To easily integrate these essential trace elements into your daily life, we have selected two natural products for you: the Oligocan copper-gold-silver complex and the Homeocan copper-gold-silver granules.

The Copper-Gold-Silver Oligocan complex, offered in liquid form, stimulates your immune system and restores your dynamism. To benefit from its natural action, simply take a teaspoon, diluted in a little water. Take it every morning to benefit from its effects throughout the day.

Homeocan Copper-Gold-Silver granules are useful for relieving infections of the ENT area (ears, nose, throat). To integrate this homeopathic remedy into your daily life, melt 3 to 5 granules under your tongue, 3 times a day. Available in a tube, the granules are easy to transport wherever your activities take you.

What tips can you use to strengthen your immune system?

Trace elements help maintain good health and keep you fit in winter. To strengthen your immune system, combine them with other natural tools: restful sleep and adequate nutrition!

Get enough sleep

For a healthy immune system, it is essential to get enough sleep every night (at least 7 hours for an adult). During sleep, lymphocytes, key cells of the immune system, pass from the bloodstream to the lymph nodes. This is where they develop their immune memory, that is, their ability to recognize pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria. Additionally, sleep promotes the reduction of stress hormones, such as adrenaline.

Eat better

Eating a balanced diet provides the average person with the trace minerals they need. For example, an abundance of copper in the diet helps prevent deficiencies. You will find it in high quantities in shellfish, nuts and legumes. To stock up on vitamins, add fruits and vegetables!

Opt for lemon and honey

Lemon and honey are known for their natural antibacterial and antiseptic actions. It would therefore be a shame to leave them aside this winter! Do not hesitate to drink an infusion daily to which you add the juice of a squeezed organic lemon and a spoonful of natural honey.

With the help of trace elements and our natural tips, get through winter in great shape!