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Ceramic Aroma Diffuser | Essencia

  • $59.99

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Voir mode d'emploi dans la boite

The Essencia® ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser is a device that operates cold to preserve the properties of Essential Oils and the smell of our Fragrances. It has 7 LED light color options and is easy to use, quiet and safe thanks to its ultrasonic vibrations. The fresh, fragrant mist it diffuses is automatically stopped.

The diffuser features a superb artistic and ornamental ceramic design that will decorate the room of your choice while safely diffusing the benefits of Essential Oils and the scents of our Essencia® Fragrances. By dispersing Essential Oils into millions of micro-particles in the form of an aromatic mist, you optimize the virtues of Essential Oils for your health and well-being.