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Ceramic Diffuser + Seduction Trio GIFT SET

  • $102.79

This Essencia® ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser works in a way that preserves the properties of our essential oils and the scent of our fragrances.

  • 7 LED light colour options

  • Easy to use, quiet and safe

  • Ultrasonic vibrations

  • Fresh and fragrant mist

  • Automatic shutdown

With its ceramic styling, this diffuser completes your decor perfectly and allows you to safely enjoy all the virtues of our Essencia® Essential Oils by dispersing them in the form of an aromatic mist.

Celebrate love! Immerse yourself in romance and sensual magic with this Seduction trio composed of 3 Essencia fragrances of delicate and passionate scents. The perfect romantic ambiance for your home!

Discover 3 Essencia Fragrances (15 ml):
No21 Seduction: Gardenias symbolize love, harmony and grace. This fragrance showcases the romance of the white Gardenia flower with its seductive and exuberant sweet bouquet. The perfect scent for a sensual evening!

No24 Passion Exotica: A fruity and colourful fragrance that transports you to the tropics. This scent combines an exotic blend of sweet fruits, green notes, coconut and vanilla. Awaken your senses to the world of dreams and travel!

No11 Musque: Our traditional musk fragrance is a deep and masculine scent with aphrodisiac properties. The notes of this scent evokes depth, intensity and roundness, for the perfect comforting blend!