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Colic Oral Solution: Homeopathic Medicine For Colic

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Medicinal ingredients
- Colocynthis D6 (colocynth)
- Magnesia phosphorica D6 (magnesia phosphate)
- Chamomilla D6 (chamomile)
- Dioscorea villosa D6 (wild yam)

Non-medicinal ingredients:
- Purified water
- Sorbitol
- Aroma of grape and raspberry
- Sodium benzoate
- Potassium sorbate
- Citric acid

Information on the original material:

Children 0 to 9 years old: Give 15 drops every 15 minutes during attacks, up to 4 times if necessary and reduce doses with improvement or as directed by a health practitioner.

To be taken outside of meals.

- Do not use if safety seal is broken.
- Consult a health care practitioner in case of high fever or if symptoms worsen or persist beyond 48 hours.
- Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
- Keep out of reach of children.
- Store at room temperature.
- Based on traditional homeopathic references and not modern scientific evidence.

Colic Oral Solution, to relive your child's abdominal cramps

The Colic Oral Solution from our Kids 0-9 line, isa homeopathic medicine that helps relieve the symptoms associated with abdominal cramps. It's composed of natural homeopathic ingredients, with a good taste of raspberry.

It helps to relieve: - Gas pain - Calm nausea - Agitation and irritability - Cramps and pain

Our Oral Solution has a particular formula: - Colocynthis (Bitter Apple), used for abdominal cramps - Magnesia phosphorica (Magnesium hydrogen phosphate), used for bloating and colic - Chamomilla (German chamomile), used for nausea and irritability - Dioscorea villosa (Wild yam), used for flatulence and colic-like pain

It's dye free and sugar free. Format :25 ml bottle with free dropper

We advise you to take these remedies in addition to traditional medical treatment. Homeopathy can not replace a treatment prescribed by a professional.