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Cryoshape Weight Control Duo | Océalgue

  • $52.67

Menthol & l'alcool
Actifs rafraichissants et raffermissants. il abaissent la température de la zone traité

Les cellules graisseuses sont stimulées

Huile de poivre rose

Puissant actif lipolytique, il s'attaque directement au stockage des graisses. Les graisses sont brûlées et des pertes centimétrique s'opèrent

CRYO-SHAPE is based on a known principle of cryotherapy, or cold therapy:

adipocytes or fat cells are more sensitive than others • Thanks to the joint action of menthol and alcohol, refreshing and firming active ingredients, the treated area drops in temperature, inducing a stimulation of fat cells. • The cold softens the fabrics. facilitating the penetration of slimming active ingredients and promoting local calorie consumption for an immediate visible effect • The lowering of the temperature, localized, makes it possible to reduce the adipocytes in a natural way without the trauma of invasive methods and without the risk of damaging the adjacent tissues ► Reduced appearance of cellulite ► Improved skin elasticity.

Weight Control pellets is a homeopathic product which helps facilitates weight loss.

This homeopathic medicine is used to help reduce cravings and stabilize your appetite. Weight Control pellets should be used in conjunction with will-power, a balanced diet, and regular exercise. Additionally, this natural combination remedy will help : - increase the metabolic rate - improve digestion - facilitate weight loss - reduce the appearance of cellulite (orange-peel skin). This formula contains a non-irritating laxative that encourages the elimination of accumulated toxins in the body.