Arnica montana: a plant known for its health benefits

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le 01 Aug 2023

To avoid discomfort caused by injuries, bruises, rheumatism, stings or soreness of any kind, many people restrict their outdoor activities. Don’t let those worries stop you from having fun! Arnica is a 100% natural product that relieves minor bruises and pain. An essential product to have close at hand, wherever you decide to spend your summer vacation.


What is Arnica?

Arnica is an aromatic plant with medicinal properties that can be used as a homeopathic remedy. A must-have in your health kit! Available as an oil, cream or granules, arnica quickly and effectively relieves bruises, edema, joint pain, muscle tension, mosquito bites and varicose veins.


The history of Arnica montana

Among the thirty species of arnica, Arnica montana is the most common and the one usually used in homeopathic products. With many medicinal and active ingredients, this remedy helps relieve any type of soreness naturally.

Belonging to the botanical family Asteraceae, arnica is found mainly in the mountainous regions of Europe: northern Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Moldova and all the way up to the slopes of the Pyrenees. Victim of its own success, Arnica montana has been weakened by intensive agriculture and soil fertilization. All the more reason to make good use of it!


The benefits of arnica

In homeopathy, Arnica montana’s yellow flowers are harvested to make tinctures and decoctions for external use, as well as granules for oral intake. In addition, studies confirm its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. The European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy (ESCOP) recognizes arnica as effective when it comes to the treatment of bruises, injuries such as sprains, insect bites and joint pain.


How to use Arnica

Arnica can be used externally in the form of massage oil, cream or gel. However, arnica should not be applied to open wounds. We also recommend always choosing products that clearly display their arnica content.

With mosquitoes and other small insects making a comeback in the summer, having an arnica ointment close by is the perfect way to effectively relieve the pain from itching. True little adventurers that they are, children are often the first users of arnica!

Before going on vacation this summer, plan a small emergency kit for the whole family. If there is one homeopathic remedy to remember, it’s definitely arnica!


Natural products for the whole family

Homeocan offers various arnica-based homeopathic products. These products can be used externally to help you relieve minor bruises, soreness and other small injuries that come with having fun outdoors in the summer.


Creams and Arnica Oil

For children, our Arnica+ Pain Relief Cream for Kids 0–9 is unscented, non-greasy and effective for treating sores. Easy to carry with you, you only need to apply a thin layer three times a day to painful areas and massage gently to feel its effects.

As adults are not immune to a nasty fall or shock, our Arnica+ Pain Relief Cream helps relieve mild and painful injuries, bruises and other trauma. This cream can also be used to reduce soreness after your workout!

Our Arnica Organic Body Care Oil from Essencia has been used for medicinal purposes since the 1500s to relieve all kinds of bruising and pain. For example, you can use it to massage your shoulders to reduce the stiffness resulting from driving long periods of time.

Arnica is also effective in preventing physical exertion. Before your workout or a long hike, apply our Arnica Cream or Arnica Oil to help prepare your muscles for exercise.


Granules and drops of arnica in homeopathy

We recommend exercising caution when taking arnica orally as it can rapidly become toxic, except in the form of homeopathic products and when you respect the proper dosage. Homeocan offers arnica products in the form of granules and drops.

Our Arnica Pills are formulated for symptomatic relief of minor bruises, strains, sprains or muscle pain and aches. These granules can be used in addition to an arnica cream. Let three granules dissolve under your tongue three times a day.

Looking for a natural customizable solution? Homeocan Lab offers single granules or drops of Arnica montana in several different concentrations. Choose the one that best suits your needs after consulting a health professional!


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Did you like this article?

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