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Traitement maison contre les feux sauvages

Home treatment for cold sores

Essencia Solution: the virtues of Essential Oils against cold sores

Cold sores are a common and quickly unbearable condition! To help you soothe them and make them disappear naturally, Essential oils are your allies...

What are cold sores?

THE Cold sores , also called herpes or cold sores, are a very widespread condition. They are the result of herpes simplex virus type 1 entering the body via the mucous membranes or a lesion.

The symptoms are easily recognizable and localized around the mouth, or even on the rest of the face. Burning sensation, formation of blisters, appearance of crusts, then falling off. A cold sore cycle lasts 10 to 15 days and often appears during periods of fatigue or intense stress.

Once the virus is in the body, it is impossible to get rid of it. It settles in the lymph nodes and then can enter a “sleep” phase lasting several years!

Essential Essential Oils to soothe cold sores

Although we cannot eradicate the virus from our body, there are still remedies to soothe the symptoms and facilitate the healing of cold sores. Among these remedies, Essential oils are essential, including:

Chamomile Essential Oil : for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties

Marjoram Essential Oil : for its anti-infectious and pain-relieving action

Oregano Essential Oil : to soothe skin disorders

At Homeocan, we have combined these 3 Essential Oils in a new remedy in roll-on form, Essencia Solution . This natural and easy-to-use treatment should be used at the first sign of cold sores. It will help you soothe the symptoms and get rid of the condition as quickly as possible and all that, naturally of course!