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Homéopathie pour la poussée de dents de bébé

Homeopathy for baby teething

Teething: Ouch! Baby getting his first teeth?

Ah the famous teething! This stage that babies encounter from a very young age, generally synonymous with crying, pain and hellish nights. And what could be more unpleasant than seeing your little one suffer, without him understanding why! You are probably wondering how to relieve toothache .

To help them get through this difficult period, Homeocan supports you with health advice and tips quite naturally. Understanding what teething is, recognizing the first signs and knowing the natural actions to adopt as quickly as possible, this is what you will learn in this health article!

Give him the pleasure of enjoying life to the fullest, for the greatest happiness of the whole family!

What are the signs of teething and how to recognize them?

Generally, teething in infants begins at the age of 5 and 6 months . But each child is different and some see their first teeth arrive more or less late... If there is one thing in common, these are the warning signs of the latter, essential to recognize.

Here are the most common symptoms of teething in babies:

– Irritability & restlessness > For every baby, pain is inevitable. He doesn't understand what's happening to him but he feels a change in his little mouth. This makes him agitated with generally the only way to express it being crying.

– Inflammation of the gums > With each tooth breakthrough, baby's gums become very sensitive and swell. The affected area may change color and become red, even blue. We then say that the gums, in addition to being swollen, are swollen.

– Excess salivation > A very common sign when baby is teething. He is salivating a lot more than usual and is constantly drooling. Be careful, you should not stop it, on the contrary, saliva allows the baby to keep his mouth hydrated. Essential to protect gums and reduce swelling.

– Lack of sleep > Of course, the symptoms do not only appear during the day. Pain makes sleep disrupted or even impossible, for both baby and you. Fatigue accumulates and nerves are put to the test for everyone.

– Redness > When teething, baby's cheeks can turn red in the affected areas, but not only that. It is also common to see visible redness on the buttocks.

– Diarrhea > It is common to notice temporary diarrhea in babies when their first teeth are emerging. It is often recognizable because the stools become soft, pale and smellier than usual. But diarrhea should not be taken lightly and it is always a good idea to seek the advice of a health practitioner, to ensure that it is not an infection.

Homeopathy to relieve your little one's pain!

Today, there are homeopathic solutions for children's health that work deeply. Thus, infants will be able to get through this inevitable stage by relieving pain and agitation.

To do this, Homeocan has formulated effective homeopathic remedies particularly dedicated to baby teething. Free of side effects, convenient and natural, these remedies should be the key to relieved teething.

Oral solution Teething, Children 0-9

Made from natural ingredients, This solution will help soothe the symptoms related to teething discussed previously! It has a very particular formula since it contains ingredients with effective and recognized therapeutic indications.

Chamomilla (5CH), which has the effect of calming baby immediately, it acts directly on gum pain and irritability. Also effective for making nights of sleep less restless.

Arnica Montana (5CH), known to relieve all pain and swelling related to teething.

Borax (5CH), which reduces inflammation of the gums, a very common symptom when the first teeth emerge.

– Finally the Hypericum Perforatum (5CH), to support dental pain which follows the nervous path such as fatigue, agitation..

This Teething solution , in addition to being coloring-free, gluten-free and without added sugar , is easy to use. It comes with a built-in dropper that you simply screw onto the bottle. Regarding the dosage to administer to your little one, everything is said on the product page, or on the box. In all cases, guidance from a healthcare practitioner is recommended.

New – Teething single doses, Children 0-9

To support baby in teething, Homeocan offers a new format: Dental Thrust single-doses.

Naturally relieve the pain associated with teething throughout the day. In addition to providing the necessary quantity to administer to your little one, the single doses are very practical to transport and take everywhere with you.

Each box contains 20 single doses of 1 ml each. They are made up of the same natural ingredients as for the Dentition solution.

How it works ? As soon as symptoms appear, give 1 drinkable single dose to your baby. If pain persists, you can repeat 2 more times at 15 minute intervals, up to 9 single doses per day. Or, as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

Let him Soluté Dentition , at home and take them Dental Thrust Uni-doses with you! These are now available on the website and in all good pharmacies in Canada.

The Special Teething Kit, Children 0-9

Currently, Homeocan is offering a Kit dedicated to Teething!

What do we find there?

1 Dental Thrust box , containing 20 single doses of 1ml each
5 free single-doses (always useful when the box expires)
1 soft teddy bear to comfort and calm baby, each time pain occurs
1 reusable kit to store other remedies

2 simple tips and tricks for everyday life

You are now equipped with the best natural remedies to relieve pain related to teething. And now ? It is possible to help baby get through these episodes with simple, comforting and practical actions such as:

Opt for a pacifier , cooled in the refrigerator to relieve irritated gums or with frozen breast milk sticks.

Gently massage your baby's painful area with your fingertips (very clean), and give him a washcloth soaked in cold water for a soothing effect while chewing. Baby can now grow up, with pretty teeth!