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Silhouette Organic Compound Elixir 20 ml | Bach Flowers

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Ingrédients médicinaux :
- Extrait BIO* D5 de Bruyère (Calluna vulgaris), Inflorescences et Feuilles
- Extrait BIO* D5 de Centaurée (Centaurium umbellatum), Fleurs
- Extrait BIO* D5 de Chicorée (Cichorium intybus), Fleurs
- Eau de Roche (Aqua petra), Eau de Puits ou de Source D5
- Extrait BIO* D5 de Plumbago (Ceratostigma willmottianum), Fleurs
- Extrait BIO* D5 de Prunus (Prunus cerasifera), Rameaux en Fleurs
- Extrait BIO* D5 de Verveine (Verbena officinalis), Fleurs

Ingrédients non-médicinaux :
- Aqua
- Brandy (Éthanol) BIO*.

*100% des matières premières d'origine agricole sont issues de l'agriculture biologique. Certifié par FR-BIO-01 CC.

Dosage pour les adultes (18 ans et plus) :

- Mettre 2 gouttes dans de l'eau.
- Boire à petites gorgées de temps en temps durant la journée.
- Suivre les recommandations d'un praticien de soins de santé.

- Symptômes persistants ou aggravation : consulter un praticien de santé
- Grossesse ou allaitement : consulter un praticien de santé avant utilisation

Silhouette Organic Compound Elixir, to avoid the obsession with food

For those who have a hard time going on a diet and sticking to their diet and achieve their goal weight. The Silhouette Organic Compound Elixir contains Organic Bach Flowers help with obsession with food, help with perseverance and self-control: - Heather: helps to develop interest and listening to others. - Centaury: Improves assertiveness. - Chicory: promotes a generosity behavior. - Rock Water: promotes a more flexible, more nuanced behavior. - Cerato: promotes self-confidence and the affirmation of opinions. - Cherry Plum: helps to restore inner calm. - Vervain: bring back to calm and tranquility. Format: 20 ml dropper bottle Made in France.

Did You Know?

These Organic Compound Elixirs, ready to use, help to relieve the most frequent emotional and physical states of daily life. Bach Flowers are a natural response to the ills of everyday life. They are natural products made from wild flowers and spring water. Bach Flowers help to restore the well-being of body and mind. - Elixirs & Co, specialist in the production of authentic, artisanal and organic Bach Flowers since 1993. - 100 faithful to the method of artisanal preparation invented by Dr Bach and described in his works in strict compliance with Dr Bach's protocol. - The mother essences of flowers, made from wild flowers, all come from Ecocert certified harvesting sites located throughout France. - Elixirs & Co Bach Flowers products are distributed exclusively in Canada by Homeocan. However, we advise you to take these remedies in addition to traditional medical treatment. Bach Flowers can not replace a treatment prescribed by a professional.