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Sels de Schüssler - Nos conseils

Schüssler salts - Our advice

Summer will soon arrive, so, to help you prepare for it, today we invite you to discover Schüssler Salts from Homeocan , natural remedies with multiple uses . We have selected 3 products for you which will help you in particular: – Control your appetite – Detoxify your body – Improve your di...
La respiration alternée, découvrez tous ses bienfaits

Alternate breathing, discover all its benefits

Alternate breathing, well-being breathing. Alternate nasal breathing is a basic yoga technique that involves breathing alternately through one or the other nostril, alternately blocking them with your finger. Do you know alternate breathing or Nadi Shodhana Pranayama? It is a breathing co...
Fièvre : 4 conseils simples pour faire baisser la température

Fever: 4 simple tips to lower the temperature

Chills, fatigue, general discomfort... Maybe you have a fever! But why does it appear? Is it dangerous? How to reduce it naturally? How reduce flu symptoms with natural remedies ? We tell you everything in this article… What is fever? First of all, you should know that fever is a normal r...
L’Arnica montana: une plante reconnue pour ses bienfaits sur la santé

Arnica montana: a plant known for its health benefits

In order to avoid discomfort caused by injuries, bruises, rheumatism, stings or aches, many people restrict their outings and activities. However, there is no need to stop you from having fun! Arnica is a 100% natural product that relieves minor bruises and pain. It's the essential item to hav...
Feu sauvage : symptômes et remède maison

Cold sore: symptoms and home remedy

Cold sores: distinguishing the real from the fake! Cold sores are a common but very unpleasant condition. To help you better understand this disease, we take stock of the myths and truths surrounding it… Cold sores, what are we talking about? Cold sores, also called "herpes" or "cold s...
L’homéopathie pour diminuer les douleurs musculaires

Homeopathy to reduce muscle pain

Homeopathy offers an alternative approach to treating muscle and joint pain and other bodily aches with natural substances. While doctors prescribe over-the-counter and stronger medications for joint pain, there are alternative homeopathic treatments. If you are looking for homeopathy for muscle...
Homéopathie pour la poussée de dents de bébé

Homeopathy for baby teething

Teething: Ouch! Baby getting his first teeth? Ah the famous teething! This stage that babies encounter from a very young age, generally synonymous with crying, pain and hellish nights. And what could be more unpleasant than seeing your little one suffer, without him understanding why! You ar...
Comment améliorer naturellement le sommeil de votre enfant ?

How to naturally improve your child's sleep?

Some children have difficulty falling asleep or poor quality sleep, interspersed with unexpected awakenings. If they are too frequent, these bad nights can have a negative impact on the child's daily life. Fortunately, the products Homeocan can help your children to feel better and get back to...
4 astuces pour retrouver la forme après les Fêtes

4 tips to get back in shape after the holidays

Fatigue, discomfort, muscle pain, recurring headaches: do you recognize yourself in these symptoms? Between the end of year celebrations (even with little excess), the cold and the lack of light in winter, it is normal to feel heavier and bloated. This is a sign that our body needs to take a b...