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Argent Colloïdal : ses bienfaits et utilisations

Colloidal Silver: its benefits and uses

Colloidal silver is one of the stars of Oligotherapy! From a natural source, it is known as antibacterial and antimicrobial, discover this simple remedy with multiple uses...

What is colloidal silver?

Colloidal silver is a natural way to relieve itching. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory action, colloidal silver is used to prevent the spread of redness. It is also used as an anti-infective and antiseptic for animals.

Colloidal silver is, as its name suggests, a remedy made from silver. The latter is one of the elements present in our body, in tiny but absolutely essential quantities. With gold and copper, it is part of an essential trio in Oligotherapy to stimulate the immune system. Silver has been used for centuries to purify water or wounds. Already in the 4th Century BC, the Greeks and Romans had made it an essential product.

Colloidal silver is a preparation derived from silver, which appeared about 100 years ago. This remedy is a suspension of microscopic silver particles carrying an electrical charge in purified water. This liquid form allows simpler use of money, internally or externally.

What are its benefits ?

Although colloidal silver was widely used in medicine until the 1950s, it was then somewhat neglected. Indeed, during this period, synthetic antibiotics are essential. However, today he is making a comeback...

The cause, in particular, is the development of antibiotic resistance. This natural source remedy proves to be a useful alternative or complement to contemporary and traditional medicine.

Its benefits are numerous and are based on its properties known as:

- Purifying
- Antibacterial
- Antivirals
- Antifungals
- Antimicrobials

Choose your remedy wisely!

Be careful though, not all silver-based remedies are equal! If you want to enjoy the benefits of this natural ingredient, choose it carefully. In particular, you may find products sold as colloidal silver but which turn out to be ionic silver solutions, protein silver, or even mixtures that are too low in dosage to be effective.

Always favor real colloidal silver, that is to say a remedy based on purified water and silver. The one from the Oligocan range is ideal because it is produced from natural, premium quality silver.

Using colloidal silver every day

The properties of this remedy make it a must-have in your natural pharmacy. It can be used internally or externally, depending on the pain to be soothed.

You can use it in particular in the event of:

- Mycoses
- Acne
- Intestinal and digestive disorders
- Common cold
- Bronchitis, angina
- Conjunctivitis
- Superficial wounds

Did you know ?

Colloidal silver can also be used as a water freshener. Add it to your watering water to get rid of mold and parasites!

This remedy is reserved for adults. The internal dosage is 1 teaspoon 1 to 3 times daily or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner. It is best to consume it with a plastic spoon (not metal), and outside of meals.

Colloidal silver is a simple, natural remedy derived from ancestral practices. Even today, take advantage of its benefits to stay in shape every day!