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100 % bio, pures et naturelles : découvrez les Huiles Végétales Essencia

100% organic, pure and natural: discover Essencia Vegetable Oils

Hydrate, repair, nourish, protect and regenerate skin and hair naturally, these are the incredible powers of vegetable oils. To allow you to benefit from their benefits on a daily basis, Homeocan now offers the Essencia range of Organic Vegetable Oils . Discover them now!

What is Vegetable Oil?

To better understand where the wonderful benefits of these oils come from, let's start with the basics: what is a vegetable oil? A vegetable oil is the result of the mechanical pressing of oilseeds, without the use of chemical solvents. This pressing makes it possible to recover a fatty and creamy liquid, composed mainly of fatty acids (oleic acid, palmitic acid, linoleic acid and stearic acid) and vitamins essential to the health and beauty of the skin.

Due to their composition, vegetable oils have moisturizing, nourishing, protective and repairing properties for the skin and hair.

Essencia Organic Vegetable Oils

To choose the right vegetable oil and benefit from all its benefits, naturally, it is essential to ensure that it does not contain any additives or preservatives. The ideal is therefore to opt for organic and pure oils, such as Essencia Organic Vegetable Oils . The range is composed of 11 oils. Each of them has beneficial properties for the health and beauty of your skin.

Organic Vegetable Oils perfect for hydration

If your skin needs to be deeply hydrated, vegetable oils:

Organic Vegetable Oils for mature skin

To prevent signs of aging and help regenerate the skin, vegetable oils:

Organic Vegetable Oils ideal for hair and nails

If your hair and nails need pampering, vegetable oils:

Organic Vegetable Oils for problem skin

The revitalizing, regenerating and protective properties of vegetable oils:

  • of Borage
  • of Wheat germ make them excellent products for taking care of your skin.

How to use these vegetable oils on a daily basis?

Organic Vegetable Oils will quickly become your allies for healthy skin all year round. However, some periods are moments. This is the case with the changing seasons! With the arrival of autumn and the drop in temperatures, your skin and hair are often more prone to problems: dehydration, resurgence of acne after summer, attack by wind, cold or rain... C It's time to pamper your skin and hair every day with vegetable oils!

You of course have the possibility of alternating between different vegetable oils to benefit from their various virtues. On a daily basis, you can use them pure, but also in the manufacture of homemade treatments (creams, lotions, balms, exfoliants, etc.).

THE Organic Vegetable Oils are also perfect for Aromatherapy . They allow you to dilute an essential oil to create a natural, effective and pleasant body treatment. To make a massage oil, simply add 15 drops of essential oils of your choice to 30 ml of vegetable oil, easy, right?

By choosing Organic Vegetable Oils and integrating them into your beauty routine, you will take care of your skin and hair, naturally and effectively.

Credit Photo Header: Photo by Romina Farias on Unsplash