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L’aromathérapie pour un temps des Fêtes naturel

Aromatherapy for a natural holiday season

What's better than wishing your loved ones good health to end the year? To get in the mood for the festivities and take care of your loved ones, go natural and offer gifts that are as pleasant to give as they are to receive.

This year, give aromatherapy as a gift!

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy involves taking care of yourself using essential oils. These, as their name indicates, come from the very essence of aromatic plants and contain an infinity of active molecules which give them considerable virtues: relaxing, stimulating, antiviral, antifungal, digestive, decongestant... Well chosen and well used, their properties are numerous!

To benefit from the benefits of aromatherapy, it is imperative to select your essential oils with the greatest care.

4 gift ideas made with 100% pure and natural essential oils

THE Essencia essential oils contain a concentrate of pure essence from the most active plants in the world. 100% natural, they are suitable for different uses (compresses, diffusion, massage, ointment) and guarantee optimal effectiveness. To share the virtues of aromatherapy with your loved ones, we have selected gift ideas for you that are sure to please.

1. Christmas Magic essential oil trio box

Ideal for getting started in aromatherapy or completing a collection, the Christmas Magic trio box is perfect for those who want to make their interior pleasant and warm! Offer a dip in holiday memories with these sweet fragrances which, as a small bonus, have benefits that should not be overlooked during this winter period.

Pure essential oil of Scots pine relieves congestion in the respiratory tract and helps calm the symptoms of colds and other winter viruses, while pure cinnamon essential oil , for its part, is an oil with very powerful anti-infectious properties and useful in cases of bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi. As for it, the pure essential oil of Atlas cedar is decongestant and is a great ally to help overcome cellulite and water retention. It also invites relaxation and meditation.

2. Winter essential oil trio box

Enjoy the sweet scents of these three essential essential oils to start the year (and the cold season) off on the right foot! Their therapeutic virtues are no longer in doubt and will allow you to enjoy the beautiful winter days without worries.

Eucalyptus globulus essential oil is stimulating and refreshing, perfect for helping to relieve cold and cough symptoms. To help fight skin infections such as acne and cold sores (also called cold sores, very common during winter), the antibacterial properties of Tea tree essential oil are ideal. As we saw in the other box, Scots pine essential oil, for its part, relieves congestion in the respiratory tract, in addition to being an expectorant.

3. Diffusers

To enjoy the aromas of essential oil as well as its benefits, using a diffuser is ideal. Here are some models that will blend perfectly with your decor!

THE diffuser made of natural bamboo will delight all those who want to make their home a place of relaxation and well-being. Thanks to its discreet design and simple use, you will benefit from the pleasant scents and benefits of essential oils in a zen atmosphere.

OUR semi-bamboo diffuser is one of our most popular. It spreads a healthy and pleasantly scented atmosphere while enhancing your decor with its modern and refined design. The perfect all-purpose for everyone!

Adorable and playful, the small diffuser in the shape of a Panda is sure to melt the hearts of children (and adults). Place it in the bedroom or playroom so your child gets the most out of aromatherapy!

4. Create your own gift set

Do you want to give a personalized gift? Find the essential oils that meet the needs of the person you want to spoil, and create your own set! Add a fine fragrance Essencia Magie de Noël , perfect for scenting the air or making homemade candles, as well as a relaxing massage oil , and you will have a dream hostess gift.

Simple gestures for a natural Christmas

Want your Christmas festivities to be in line with your environmental values ? Here are some smart tips for a natural holiday season!

Opt for one fir tree with low environmental impact , grown locally and intended for this use. Or, better yet, go for a more modern tree, like a wooden tree, sublime and reusable for many years!

Choose low-consumption light decorations , such as LEDs.

Use newspaper or sheets intended for recycling to wrap your gifts , or try “furoshiki”, a Japanese technique which consists of wrapping presents in beautiful fabrics (it takes a little practice, but the result is worth it). cut!).

Treat yourself to organic foods and/or premises for the Christmas meal.

DIY your own decorations : pine cones, salt paste, fruits, recycling… Use your imagination for a unique and eco-friendly decoration!

Recycle and reuse . After the end-of-year holidays, take the time to sort out what you can keep and what will have to be thrown away. Don't forget to sort your waste!

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