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Les bienfaits des argiles pour notre corps

The benefits of clays for our body

Natural, purifying, calming and cleansing, clays are a product with multiple benefits, recognized for millennia for their actions on our body! We tell you everything about this naturally rich land.

What are the benefits of clay?

The active ingredients of clay allow it to have effective antiseptic and purifying benefits to calm irritations and itching as well as to promote healing of the skin and mucous membranes. Clay also has therapeutic anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce muscle and joint pain.

In Ancient Egypt, clay was already used to treat wounds. From now on, we recognize many other virtues in this land! Here are the main ones:

It helps to disinfect and soothe wounds : in case of injuries such as cuts or burns. The application of clay helps prevent infection and contributes to the natural reconstitution of skin cells. This is possible thanks to its very high content of mineral salts and silica.

It is a faithful ally for treating problem skin : clay helps the skin to get rid of toxins and renew cells. It is therefore a great ally in regaining beautiful, smooth and clear skin.

Benefits on joint pain : clay is often used in spa treatment programs intended to cure joint pain. Indeed, it has relaxing and analgesic properties, which help to get rid of joint and muscle pain such as back pain or other...

Helps calm inflammation : applied locally in the form of a poultice, clay can help calm inflammation. Sprain, hematoma, bump or even tendinitis, it will provide almost immediate relief! It also helps relieve and treat certain internal problems.

How to use clay on a daily basis?

We use 3 families of clays on a daily basis:

  • Green Illite Clay
  • Green Montmorillonite Clay
  • White Kaolin Clay

Each of these clays has different properties, so you need to know them well to choose them well.

Green Illite Clay

Green Illite Clay It is a clay rich in mineral salts and trace elements, with absorption properties (like a sponge). She is purifying And healing and is suitable for small everyday aches and pains.

This clay can be used in face mask for normal (do not let it dry), oily and blemished skin. You can also make one hair mask greasy (in paste) and against sweaty scalps (in powder).‎


  • face masks (if very dry skin, use a moisturizing cream afterwards)
  • poultices
  • plasters
  • in bandages
  • in powders, in baths, baths for feet, hands, mouths and seats

Green Montmorillonite Clay

Green Montmorillonite Clay has properties adsorbents (like a magnet), detoxifying , remineralizing , purifying And restorative . It is indicated for skin prone to oiliness and imperfections.


  • face masks (if very dry skin, use a moisturizing cream afterwards)
  • poultices
  • plasters
  • in bandages
  • in powders, in baths, baths for feet, hands, mouths and seats

White Kaolin Clay

White Kaolin Clay suitable for sensitive (softening action) and aging skin. It's an excellent anti-inflammatory (baby buttocks) and healing . Perfect for making a face mask on sensitive skin. Can be added to green clays to soften them.


  • face masks
  • in baths (like milk bath)
  • foot and hand baths

These 3 clays are available from Homeocan, in the form of easy-to-use tubes or sachets. They are 100% natural and made in France .

Good to know
Clay is a natural product very well tolerated by the body, whatever its method of use. However, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication, or if you have blood pressure problems or bowel disease, always seek the advice of a doctor before using it. To prepare your clay mixtures, favor the use of “natural” utensils: wooden spoon, glass jar, etc. Avoid metal and plastic, which risk denaturing the product and altering its effectiveness.

You now know that clay is not just another remedy, it is a way of life to avoid remedies !