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L’otite chez l’enfant : causes, symptômes et traitements

Otitis in children: causes, symptoms and treatments

Very few children miss out on otitis… According to the Canadian Pediatric Society , three quarters of them are affected by this disease before they are 5 years old. The bad news is that this pathology is favored by swimming, the risks therefore increase during the summer period... But the good news is that there is a remedy to relieve ear infections naturally ! Indeed, homeopathy is suitable for children's health to relieve everyday aches and pains.

What is ear infection and how to avoid it?

Otitis in children is caused by viruses or bacteria (microbes). The middle ear and throat are connected by the Eustachian tube. Ear infections occur when germs travel from the back of the throat to the Eustachian tube when it is inflamed due to a cold.

There are different types of ear infections, generally occurring in children from birth to age 9. One of the most common ear infections is AOM, or Acute Middle Otitis. AOM is an inflammation of the ear canal caused by bacteria or a virus. It frequently appears following another illness affecting the ENT sphere (nasopharyngitis, sore throat, cold, etc.).

However, viruses and bacteria are not the only ones responsible for this illness in children. Other types of ear infections, such as otitis externa, can appear after a stay at altitude, the use of cotton swabs, a plane trip or stagnant water in the ear canal... Hence the explosion in the number of ear infections during the summer! Fortunately, homeopathy is effective in fighting ear infections in a natural way.

Other factors also play a role in the appearance of otitis: community living, exposure to tobacco smoke, bottle feeding, malformation of the inner ear, premature birth or 'heredity.

It is difficult to prevent otitis in children. But, by knowing its causes, you can take preventive measures that will reduce the risks. For example, remember to dry your toddler's ears thoroughly after swimming or have them wear suitable earplugs. Do not use cotton swabs so as not to create an accumulation of earwax, do not smoke near them and, for the little ones, prefer to have them eat in an upright position.

How does otitis in children manifest?

An ear infection is quite easily recognizable, here are the main symptoms:

  • Ear pain
  • Fever
  • Yellowish secretions in the ear canals
  • Hearing loss

In babies, other clues may indicate an ear infection, including:

  • Hands frequently raised to ears
  • Nocturnal awakenings
  • Crying without apparent causes
  • Great fatigue
  • An irritability
  • Digestive disorders
  • A lack of appetite

If these symptoms appear, it is necessary to consult your doctor. Only he or she will be able to determine the type of ear infection your child is suffering from and possibly prescribe appropriate treatment.

Soothe an ear infection, naturally

If your child has an ear infection, the doctor may prescribe antibiotic treatment, but this is not automatic. In addition and whatever the type of otitis, Oral Otitis Solution Children 0-9 is the remedy you need to relieve pain and soothe your toddler. With its good grape taste and its practical dropper, this Homeopathic Complex is easy to use and effective in children aged 0 to 9 years. Thanks to its natural composition, without added sugar and coloring, it will help lower fever, reduce pain and calm inflammation.

At the same time, let your little one rest as much as possible, give him unlimited water, ventilate his room well and keep it at an average temperature. Thanks to Oral Otitis Solution and good habits, you will help your child heal, naturally!