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Comprendre et apaiser le burn-out, ou l’épuisement professionnel

Understanding and soothing burn-out, or professional exhaustion

According to a study conducted in Canada in April 2019, 40% of Quebecers say they have already been affected by burn-out, or professional exhaustion. The average for the entire country rises to 57%! But what is burn-out, sometimes considered “the evil of the century”? How to recognize it? How to appease him? We talk about it in this article.

What is burn-out, or professional exhaustion?

We hear this term more and more often: burn-out or professional exhaustion. This phenomenon, necessarily linked to work, is not today considered a disease by the WHO .

Burnout appears when a person is no longer able to cope with their professional life, and this negatively impacts all aspects of their daily life. It is therefore not a mental illness, but a state linked to a deterioration in the relationship with employment.

Although the medical definition of burnout is not yet very precise, health professionals agree that professional burnout is a syndrome with clear symptoms:

  • Feeling of exhaustion or lack of energy, not resolved by regular vacations
  • Feelings of anxiety, anxiety and stress
  • Negativism, cynicism and withdrawal from one's job
  • Loss of professional efficiency

Other symptoms linked to burnout often appear in those affected: fatigue, digestive problems, irritability, anxiety, stress, difficulty concentrating, and sometimes even suicidal thoughts.

The causes of burnout

Burnout can affect each of us, regardless of the profession or level of responsibility in the company.

However, it seems that people who are humanly involved in their jobs (social workers, health professionals, teachers, etc.) and people prone to emotional instability are more victims of burnout.

Studies have revealed that several factors can lead to burnout :

  • An overload of work
  • A feeling of insecurity
  • Pressure to work more, or faster
  • Insufficient means to work properly
  • Little or no recognition and rewards
  • Unclear or unattainable goals

Establish a diagnosis

As burnout is not recognized as an illness, its diagnosis is based solely on observing the symptoms. However, its impact on the daily lives of the people concerned is undeniable! If you experience one or more of the symptoms listed above, it is essential to consult a healthcare professional for help. Burnout can be overcome, but don't let it take over your life by helping yourself natural homeopathic products .

How to fight burnout?

While it is essential to seek help and supervision from a health professional at the first signs of burn-out, Natural solutions can also be very helpful .

Among natural solutions that can help you to feel better and soothe the symptoms of professional burnout, we can cite in particular:

Meditation and yoga : Setting aside moments of relaxation helps chase away dark thoughts.

Homeopathy: D-Stress tablets , composed of natural homeopathic ingredients, help combat stress, irritability, anxiety and fatigue, without any risk of addiction.

Get enough exposure to the sun: Natural light plays a key role in regulating stress and sleep, by regulating the production of certain hormones.

THE Bach flowers : these natural remedies are great allies in emotional emergency situations, a small bottle always on hand can make a big difference!

Soft music : like meditation, soft music helps clear your mind, so it is useful in stressful situations, particularly to help you fall asleep.

Essential oils : Aromatherapy has anti-stress benefits . Lavender, sweet orange, rosemary… Use them in a bath to enjoy a moment of relaxation.

You can also use them in massages, thanks to Essencia Relaxing Massage Oil . This oil will allow you to pamper your body while soothing your mind, naturally.

Burn-out is a syndrome that should not be taken lightly. By treating the causes and symptoms in time, it is entirely possible to get out of this situation. These natural solutions, combined with monitoring by a health professional, will help you feel at your best again, psychologically and physically.