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Sels de Schüssler - Nos conseils

Schüssler salts - Our advice

Summer will soon arrive, so, to help you prepare for it, today we invite you to discover Schüssler Salts from Homeocan , natural remedies with multiple uses . We have selected 3 products for you which will help you in particular:

– Control your appetite
– Detoxify your body
– Improve your digestion
– Avoid frustration linked to a diet

What are Schüssler Salts?

Schüssler Salts are a unique cell therapy system . Doctor Schüssler discovered the 12 organic minerals that make up our body. Schüssler Salts were created to compensate for deficiencies or imbalances in mineral salts.

Indeed, mineral salts are naturally present in our body and play a vital role in our health and well-being. When we are affected by a deficiency or imbalance of these mineral salts, our internal balance is upset and many disorders can appear, from simple fatigue to varicose veins, including ear infections, stress, dizziness or even diabetes. … In short, balanced mineral salts are essential to feeling in great shape !

Made in Canada

Homeocan Schüssler Salts , based on the work of Dr. Schüssler, are manufactured in the company's laboratory in Montreal. They have no side effects and can be used alone or combined, depending on your needs. They can be used by everyone*.

Doctor Schüssler created 12 salts to meet all the needs of our body. We have selected 3 that will help you prepare for summer, naturally and safely!

*If you are lactose intolerant or have kidney problems, always seek the advice of your doctor before starting treatment.

No. 6 Kali Phosphoricum (6X or 12X), to avoid stress and snacking

This Salt is ideal for all of us who feel stressed and tired. It is also ideal if you tend to compensate for your emotions with food. So if you are the type to devour an entire bar of chocolate after an argument with your lover, if you become irritable as soon as you try to diet or if you feel stressed for no particular reason, this Salt is for you!

Concretely, Schüssler Homeocan N°6 Kalium Phosphoricum Salt will help you regulate your emotions and to rebalance your diet without feeling frustrated. You will therefore be able to say goodbye to uncontrolled snacking and adopt a healthier diet, perfect for losing weight before summer!

N°11 Natrum Sulfuricum (6X or 12X) , for a natural detox

Water retention is a very common phenomenon, which particularly affects women. It is linked to excess water and toxins in our cells, which our body cannot drain properly. Results: swollen legs, poor blood circulation, tingling, pain, and even a worsening of watery cellulite... Nothing very pleasing!

This phenomenon of water and toxin retention tends to get worse when temperatures increase, when we sit for too long or even when we are affected by an imbalance in our mineral salts !

To remedy this , Schüssler Homeocan No. 11 Natrum Sulfuricum Salt is perfect: it will allow you to eliminate toxins and stimulate the exudation of excess stored water . No more water retention, you will feel light as a feather!

N°10 Natrum Phosphoricum (6X or 12X) , to improve your digestion

A well-functioning metabolism is essential for good digestion and optimal fat burning. If you tend to have a swollen and painful stomach after a meal, acid reflux and an unpleasant feeling of bloating, this Salt is your ally!

By rebalancing the quantities of mineral salts naturally present in your body and responsible for digestion, you will help your body digest better , burn more fat and avoid storage . It's perfect for showing off a nice flat stomach, avoiding the accumulation of extra pounds and water retention. This Schüssler Homeocan Salt is therefore ideal for preparing for summer!

How to use Schüssler Homeocan Salts?

In tablet form, they are easy and quick to use. And for long-term treatment, take one tablet of each of these 3 Schüssler Homeocan Salts 3 times a day (morning, noon and evening). In this case, use Salt No. 6 – Kalium Phosphoricum in the morning, Salt No. 11 – Natrum Sulfuricum at midday and Salt No. 10 – Natrum Phosphoricum in the evening.

Finally, keep in mind that, for this natural treatment to be effective, it must be combined with a healthy lifestyle. We therefore try to limit alcohol, tobacco and coffee! With these three Schüssler Homeocan Salts , you will be ready for summer, naturally!

Always seek the advice of a healthcare professional or your doctor before starting treatment.