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5 conseils pour arrêter de fumer naturellement

5 tips to quit smoking naturally

May 31 is World No Tobacco Day , an opportunity for us to take stock of simple but effective tips to help you quit smoking, naturally. So if you want to say goodbye to cigarettes, adopt these good habits now!

Why stop smoking ?

The reasons for quitting smoking are numerous and unique to each of us. However, here are some reminders that could boost your motivation:

First point

You already know this, but tobacco has a very negative impact on your health: heart problems, shortness of breath, asthma, sleep disorders, cancer... Knowing these effects is undoubtedly the best reason to stop smoking. But that's not all... Tobacco is responsible for a dull complexion, poor skin condition and breath that's not always very fresh... So not very attractive!

Second point

Do a little math: how much do you spend each month on packs of cigarettes? And now think about everything else you could do with that amount... Restaurants, romantic weekends, shopping trips... Sounds tempting, right?

Third point

Did you know that smoking regularly drastically reduces your sense of smell and taste? So if you want to make the most of that delicious chocolate cake or the smell of the bouquet on the table, it might be time to stop smoking!

Our advice for quitting smoking

The good news is that if you decide to quit smoking, the majority of tobacco-related disorders will gradually disappear! But, as we know, it's not easy to say goodbye to cigarettes... So to help you stop this bad habit, here are some natural and effective tips.

Choose the right time

We're not going to lie to each other, if you decide to quit smoking when you have just suffered a romantic disappointment, you are in the middle of a period of stress at work and you are just starting a diet, your chances of success are rather weak... On the other hand, if you make the decision to quit smoking in full awareness, if you are really motivated and if you are in a happy and simple period of your life, your good resolution will be much easier to keep!

Don't stay idle

When trying to quit smoking, there's nothing worse than inactivity! Indeed, if you are bored, you risk becoming obsessed with that cigarette you miss. Whereas if you try to keep busy all day, the lack of tobacco will be felt much less. Take a walk, go to the movies, read, prepare a meal... In short, be active so you don't think about smoking.

Rely on natural aids

If you stop smoking, you may quickly notice some rather unpleasant side effects, such as very changeable mood, constant restlessness, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, loss or gain of appetite or even headaches. head… To quickly make these very common symptoms disappear, Homeocan created Nixotinex , a natural homeopathic mixture composed of capsules and drops.

Taking the capsules has been carefully designed to support withdrawal step by step according to the symptoms experienced throughout your anti-smoking project. Each of the 30 homeopathic doses exerts a specific action : creates disgust for tobacco, encourages smoking cessation, promotes the rapid elimination of nicotine and acts on the nervous system to soothe anxiety. Look at these steps that bring together your daily homeopathic journey to quit smoking:

The drops will purify and eliminate the toxins generated and accumulated by cigarettes. By using this homeopathic duo daily for 6 days, you will see your symptoms linked to stopping smoking subside quite naturally.

Get moving to quit smoking!

Practicing physical activity is often a big help when trying to quit smoking. Indeed, sport helps you feel good in your body and good in your mind, in particular thanks to the endorphin produced by our body during exercise. And, another positive point, when you take care of your body with physical activity, you often don't want to ruin everything by lighting a cigarette!


To combat the hypersensitivity and stress that may appear if you decide to quit smoking, consider adopting good 100% Zen habits. For example, opt for a hot bath for around twenty minutes at the end of the day. You can even add Pure Lavender Essential Oil . Consider accompanying it with Emulcia , so that the oil dilutes properly in water and gives you an even more relaxing effect.

Also try herbal teas and plant infusions known for their anti-stress properties, such as chamomile, passionflower or lemon balm.

Thanks to these good habits and the natural help of Nixotinex , you will be able to quit smoking more easily and get your body back in great shape!