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Le Tea Tree : notre allié forme et bien-être au quotidien !

The Tea Tree: our daily ally for fitness and well-being!

The Tea Tree, also called “Tea Tree”, has many natural virtues… Discover them and learn how to benefit from them every day!

Discover the tea tree…

The real name of the Tea Tree is Melaleuca alternifolia. It is originally from Australia and has been used for a very long time. Research has in fact shown that the Aborigines already chose its leaves several centuries ago, to soothe many ailments. Its use then spread widely throughout the world.

Even today, Tea Tree, in its form of Essential Oil , is a must in natural pharmacies. It is also used in some cosmetic and household products.

The benefits of the tea tree

The Tea Tree is frequently used in natural medicine. Indeed, according to many health professionals, it is known for its anti-infectious, antifungal, and antibacterial properties.

Several scientific studies , in vitro or in tests on human subjects, have demonstrated these properties.

Tea Tree against everyday ailments

The properties of Tea Tree Essential Oil give it a very wide range of action. Many manufacturers and other specialists state these uses in particular against:

  • Colds and coughs (recommended by Health Canada)
  • Skin disorders
  • ENT infections
  • Oral conditions

How to use Tea Tree Essential Oil?

Tea Tree Essential Oil can be used in 3 ways, to choose according to the ailments you wish to soothe:

  • Atmospheric diffusion: against respiratory infections and undesirables. Use a suitable diffuser, 15 minutes maximum per hour.
  • Direct inhalation: against ENT and respiratory infections. Apply 1 to 6 drops of pure essential oil to a tissue and inhale up to 3 times daily.
  • Local application: against skin disorders and to cleanse. Mix Tea Tree Essential Oil with a carrier oil to help treat acne and other skin problems.

DIY: make your own tea tree sanitizing gel

The antifungal and antibacterial properties of Tea Tree make it an excellent base for making purifying and cleansing products. No surprises to find it in natural hydroalcoholic gel recipes…

Here we offer you a simple recipe to easily make your own sanitizing gel!

You need :

To prepare your homemade hydroalcoholic gel, nothing could be simpler: simply mix all these ingredients in a spray container . Then use it whenever you need to sanitize your hands quickly and easily.

Tea Tree Essential Oil is definitely essential on a daily basis, to protect yourself from external aggressions and stay in shape, naturally.