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Comment améliorer naturellement le sommeil de votre enfant ?

How to naturally improve your child's sleep?

Some children have difficulty falling asleep or poor quality sleep, interspersed with unexpected awakenings. If they are too frequent, these bad nights can have a negative impact on the child's daily life. Fortunately, the products Homeocan can help your children to feel better and get back to sleep.

Learn more about sleep disorders, their consequences and natural ways to make them disappear…

Sleep disorders in children

Each of us, adults and children alike, has what we call a circadian cycle, that is to say a 24-hour cycle which regulates our moments of wakefulness and our moments of sleep. However, this cycle can be disrupted by many external factors. Children are particularly sensitive to these disturbances because they do not control their environment.

Factors that can disrupt a child's sleep include:

  • Diseases of the ENT or digestive sphere
  • The irregularity of daily schedules (waking up, eating, going to bed, etc.)
  • Changes in sleeping places
  • Poor lifestyle (too sugary diet, lack of physical activity, screens before bed, etc.)
  • An unsuitable room (bad temperature, too much light, noise, etc.)
  • Family or school troubles (disputes, illnesses, poor school results, etc.)

All these factors can have an impact on the quality of falling asleep and sleeping in children, generating a feeling of unease, stress or anxiety.

When the child is confronted with one or more of these external factors, his sleep can be affected in several ways:

Difficulty falling asleep
The child is reluctant to go to bed or has difficulty getting to sleep. He tosses and turns in his bed for long minutes, wants to get up and can sometimes cry.

Dreams and nightmares are a way for the child's brain to integrate all the information received during the day. However, if nightmares are too frequent and cause nighttime awakenings, they can affect sleep quality.

Night terrors
Night terrors occur during phases of deep sleep and without the child waking up. However, like nightmares, they can interfere with good recovery if they are too frequent.

If your child has one or more of these sleep disorders, it is necessary to identify the causes. Indeed, if these disorders last over time, the consequences can impact your toddler's days and his development. Poor sleep can cause:

  • Irritability (bad mood, crying, screaming, etc.)
  • Excessive agitation
  • Memory and concentration problems
  • Demotivation for daily activities
  • A decrease in reflexes
  • A weakening of the immune system

Poor sleep can therefore have significant consequences on the child's daily life, but also on yours. A child who does not sleep properly will tend to be more difficult to manage, which can quickly become exhausting, both psychologically and physically.

Our natural tips to improve your child's sleep

Fortunately, tips and simple and natural remedies exist to sleep better whether for children or adults!

Establish a sleep routine

To help children regulate their circadian cycle, it is necessary to establish fixed bedtimes and wake-up times, even on weekends.

Monitor naps

A child may need to nap until he is 5 years old. However, from 3 years old, it is preferable that the nap does not continue after 4 p.m., so as not to influence bedtime.

Use natural remedies

There are excellent remedies like Bach flower to promote quality sleep in children. In particular, you can opt for the Bach Flower Sleep Elixir , which invites calm and relief. THE Homeocan Calm Syrup is also an easy to use remedy that will reduce agitation and calm nervousness.

Avoid screens

The light emitted by screens (television, telephone, tablet, etc.) can disrupt the production of the sleep hormone, melatonin. So remove screens at least 2 to 3 hours before bedtime.

Create an atmosphere conducive to sleep

Make your child's room quiet, cool and dark. You can diffuse Essential Oils there, such as Lavender Essential Oil , which will help soothe stress and promote falling asleep and falling asleep. Use a suitable diffuser to enjoy all its benefits. Aromatherapy is effective for relaxation after an intense day and find calm before sleeping.

Set up a ritual

A bedtime ritual can help the child prepare for sleep, ease any anxiety and allow them to release the tensions of their day. Read a book, sing a song. To help you get back to sleep, you can also use Homeocan homeopathic treatments …Find the ritual that suits your little one.

Thanks to these natural and easy-to-apply tips, you will help your child get quality sleep and make the most of their days!