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5 gestes de soins du nez en cas d’allergie

5 nose care procedures in case of allergy

The nose and nasal cavities play a leading role in the human body, hence the importance of taking care of them! A true filter of our lungs, the nose has the function of humidifying and warming the air. And this “filter” must be clean to be effective! It allows us to breathe well and bring oxygen to our body. Nasal hygiene should be a priority in your health routine!

At this time of year, many Canadians suffer from allergic rhinitis: an inflammation (periodic or not) of the lining of the nose and sinuses, caused by several allergens. Allergies can have various causes. Grass and tree pollens, molds and even dust mites are common allergens in summer. Both in children and adults.

Blocked or runny nose, itching or sneezing... restrictive allergic symptoms, likely to affect your well-being and quality of life. Good nasal hygiene helps reduce allergic symptoms by eliminating the presence of allergens in the mucous membranes of the nose.

For the health of your nose and respiratory tract, Homeocan gives you 5 actions to adopt !

Humidify the air in your home

Hygiene of the nasal passages begins with living in a healthy environment and breathing clean air. The temperature in your home should be 19°-20° and the ideal humidity level should be between 30 to 50%.

  • If the humidity level is below 30% , purchase an air humidifier and add fresh water every day.
  • If the humidity level is above 55% , purchase a dehumidifier, cleaning the unit weekly to prevent mold.

Do cleaning regularly

Restrictive for some but essential to free your nose and airways.

To avoid the accumulation of dust on objects and on carpets, it is recommended to clean at least once a week. Vacuum the furniture and the floor without forgetting the underbed and the wardrobe.

Eliminating dust will help you reduce aggressors in your environment and thus preserve the health of your nose.

Tip: use non-toxic household products and avoid those with strong odors as they can be irritating to the respiratory tract.

Stop smoking and avoid second-hand smoke

  • Stop smoking: Everyone knows, tobacco is bad for your health! It irritates the nose, throat and lungs... Even low exposure can have serious consequences.

> Read our 5 tips for stopping smoking naturally

  • Avoiding second-hand smoke: for example, wood heating promotes drier air and is not recommended. Also, wood smoke contains toxic substances and fine particles which can have a harmful effect on health, passing directly through your nose.

Check your tank's filters

During the summer, we enjoy going on a weekend in the great outdoors! And the car is often the means of transport used to travel. To make the road more pleasant, with the intense heat of summer, we often have the reflex to activate the air conditioning.

This is why engine air conditioner filters should be changed or cleaned regularly (according to the manufacturer's recommendations).

Clean your nose daily

Cleaning your nose regularly helps alleviate congestion and bacteria. Nasal hygiene is generally done with a saline solution (homemade preparation or pharmacy products) in order to clean the nasal passages and eliminate impurities.

Finally, to help you relieve the symptoms of seasonal allergies, Homeocan offers you a whole selection of natural and homeopathic products to find here !

Small actions that will make a difference to the health of your nose!