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Comment compenser le manque de vitamine D en hiver ?

How to compensate for the lack of vitamin D in winter?

In the depths of winter, natural sunlight can decrease by 60%, which significantly reduces our vitamin D intake. In summer, because we wear lighter, less covering clothing, our skin absorbs a large amount of vitamin D through this simple exposure to daylight. It is estimated that exposure to sunlight can provide 80% to 90% of the required vitamin D. But, in winter, this is not the case. Fortunately, homeopathy strengthens your immune system and is effective when you are low on energy.

According to a Canadian government study, more than a third of the population is vitamin D deficient (data updated in 2015).

Why is vitamin D so important to us Canadians?

Vitamin D plays an important role. It is a nutrient that contributes to the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in our body. Thus, it forms and keeps our bones and teeth strong. Its particularity is that it can be synthesized by the body following exposure to ultraviolet B rays from the sun.

However, in winter, between the two equinoxes (from September 22 to March 20), at our latitude, there are very few UVB rays. This is why we in Canada need vitamin D even more than the rest of the world.

Vitamin D deficiency, what are the consequences?

It is not always easy to detect the effects of vitamin D deficiency.

In children , this can result in pain, irritability and stunted growth which could result in rickets in the child.

In adults , symptoms may include difficulty thinking, unexplained fatigue, muscle weakness, and frequent bone fractures.

What are some tips for maintaining this vitamin D in our body?


Although not sufficient, our diet can help make up for the lack of vitamin D. Foods such as oily fish, milk, fortified cereals and yogurt, egg yolks and orange juice will provide us with maximum of “sun” vitamin.

The light therapy treatment

To get around the lack of sunlight, light therapy can be a real solution. A treatment that can prove effective. Thanks to daily exposure to artificial light imitating that of the sun, the light therapy lamp, also called a “solar lamp”, can provide us with the artificial light we need.

Inexpensive, it takes, on average, five to six sessions before seeing our vitamin D gauge rise. And you, have you already tried? Tell us !

Vitamin supplements

According to health professionals, taking vitamins containing vitamin D as a supplement would be the simplest and quickest way to meet our needs.

Ask a health professional such as your family doctor or pharmacist to find out which products are best for you.

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