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Feu sauvage : symptômes et remède maison

Cold sore: symptoms and home remedy

Cold sores: distinguishing the real from the fake!

Cold sores are a common but very unpleasant condition. To help you better understand this disease, we take stock of the myths and truths surrounding it…

Cold sores, what are we talking about?

Cold sores, also called "herpes" or "cold sores", are a viral illness caused by the herpex simplex virus, type 1 or 2. Herpes located on the face is caused by type 1. This virus enters the body through a lesion or mucous membrane, then can remain silent for months or even years.

When the virus wakes up, symptoms appear. There is usually a feeling of warmth and itching. In the hours or days that follow, transparent vesicles form, become opaque, then empty of the liquid they contain. A scab appears and eventually falls off. This cold sore cycle lasts 10 to 15 days.

These lesions are usually located around the mouth. They can also develop around the nose, inside the mouth, on the forehead or on the cheeks.

The REAL / FALSE of herpes

Cold sores are always contagious

TRUE – Herpes labialis is contagious from the appearance of tingling until the symptoms completely disappear. It is possible to contaminate another person, but also to contaminate yourself!

Therefore, avoid close contact with those around you and do not touch your lesions.

Symptoms still appear after contracting the virus

FAKE  According to the WHO , 3.7 billion people carry the herpes virus type 1. However, a large proportion of them will never know that they carry this virus.

In fact, it can remain dormant for a lifetime, without ever causing symptoms.

Alcohol treats cold sores

FAKE – A grandmother's remedy consists of applying a compress soaked in alcohol to the lesions.

While this method can dry out the blisters, it does not help the body get rid of the symptoms and can even leave scars.

Herpes never really goes away

TRUE – Once the herpes virus is present in the body, it is impossible to get rid of it. It lodges in the lymph nodes then enters a “sleep” phase.

It can then cause symptoms occasionally. We often see it manifest during phases of fatigue, stress, or alongside another illness weakening the immune system.

There are remedies to soothe herpes

TRUE – Although it is impossible to get rid of the virus, it is still possible to soothe the symptoms of cold sores. Homeopathy can indeed help you fight against infection.

THE Traumacare Wildfire Balm , the blend of Essencia Solution Essential Oils and the Homeocan Herpes Cream are 3 essentials. Formulated from perfectly combined homeopathic ingredients, they offer you immediate comfort.

Sun and cold promote healing

FAKE – Like the alcohol mentioned above, the sun and the cold can dry out the blisters, but do not help with healing. Unprotected exposure to UV rays or winter temperatures can even be a factor in worsening symptoms.

Antibiotics are necessary to treat cold sores

FAKE – Antibiotics are ineffective against the herpes virus. Your doctor may possibly prescribe an antiviral or painkiller. You can supplement this prescription with homeopathic treatment.

You are now knowledgeable about cold sores! To soothe the symptoms naturally, adopt the homeopathy reflex as soon as the virus rears its head.