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L’otite chez l’enfant : causes, symptômes et traitements

Otitis in children: causes, symptoms and treatments

Very few children miss out on otitis… According to the Canadian Pediatric Society , three quarters of them are affected by this disease before they are 5 years old. The bad news is that this pathology is favored by swimming, the risks therefore increase during the summer period... But the good...
100 % bio, pures et naturelles : découvrez les Huiles Végétales Essencia

100% organic, pure and natural: discover Essencia Vegetable Oils

Hydrate, repair, nourish, protect and regenerate skin and hair naturally, these are the incredible powers of vegetable oils. To allow you to benefit from their benefits on a daily basis, Homeocan now offers the Essencia range of Organic Vegetable Oils . Discover them now! What is Vegetable O...
Le changement d’heure et ses effets sur le corps

The time change and its effects on the body

When the time comes to change the time, many of us ask ourselves an existential question: will I sleep more or less tonight? Or will it be more or less light when I wake up? Like every year since 1963, in autumn, we switch to winter time! And this time change can cause effects on the body th...
Le Tea Tree : notre allié forme et bien-être au quotidien !

The Tea Tree: our daily ally for fitness and well-being!

The Tea Tree, also called “Tea Tree”, has many natural virtues… Discover them and learn how to benefit from them every day! Discover the tea tree… The real name of the Tea Tree is Melaleuca alternifolia. It is originally from Australia and has been used for a very long time. Research has ...
Éliminer l’acné, naturellement !

Eliminate acne, naturally!

We all dream of smooth, clear and radiant skin... Don't we? However, according to the Canadian Acne and Rosacea Society , 85% of young people aged 12 to 24 are affected by this problem. Contrary to what one might believe, acne is not only an adolescent problem: 5 million Canadians are affected...
5 conseils pour arrêter de fumer naturellement

5 tips to quit smoking naturally

May 31 is World No Tobacco Day , an opportunity for us to take stock of simple but effective tips to help you quit smoking, naturally. So if you want to say goodbye to cigarettes, adopt these good habits now! Why stop smoking ? The reasons for quitting smoking are numerous and unique to ea...
Astuces pour prendre soin de sa prostate naturellement

Tips for taking care of your prostate naturally

Prostate health is a central concern for Canadians of all ages. And for good reason! This gland plays a crucial role in male well-being. What are its functions? What health conditions are likely to affect it? How to prevent them? Here are some tips that will help you take good care of your p...
Homéopathie 101 : tout sur cette médecine douce et naturelle

Homeopathy 101: everything about this gentle and natural medicine

What is homeopathy? How did it come about? What are its principles? What are its side effects? Although more than 70% of Canadians have already used natural products and 38% of them consume them on a regular basis , several myths still circulate about homeopathy, an alternative medicine used a...
Se préparer naturellement à l’arrivée de l’automne

Prepare naturally for the arrival of fall

Autumn is the season of flamboyant colors, but also of shorter days and falling temperatures. As this seasonal transition can have an impact on your health, it is essential to prepare yourself well. How to maintain good energy levels? How to keep germs at bay? Here are some tips for staying ...