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6 produits d’Aromathérapie indispensables pour le printemps

6 Essential Aromatherapy Products for Spring

The arrival of spring evokes the return of beautiful sunny days, the first flowers and the song of birds. The pleasure of feeling the atmosphere warming up can, however, be accompanied by some typically spring inconveniences, such as seasonal allergies, sleep disruption and the consequences of our (small) winter excesses.

How to cure it ? For a spring full of energy, you can count on aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy: an approach with multiple virtues

Used for thousands of years in fields as varied as cooking and cosmetics, essential oils are at the heart of aromatherapy. This complex treatment approach mobilizes the concentrated and aromatic liquid of certain plants, wood, citrus fruits and resins for therapeutic purposes.

Versatile, essential oils have varied properties and a broad spectrum of action. For example, they are known for their antibacterial and soothing power. For them to be effective, the production of the precious liquid requires a large quantity of raw material. On average, 35 kilograms of plants yield only 1 liter of essential oil . This is why some pure oils are sometimes expensive.

Relax with essential oils

The change to summer time disrupts the biological clock of many people. This delicate period for our body often leads to less restorative sleep, fatigue, lack of attention and irritability. Adjusting our body clock can cause considerable stress.

Pure lavender essential oil can help calm the effects of the time change on your body. The multiple properties of lavender combine to reduce stress and promote sleep. To test its benefits, try diffusing lavender oil in the evening in your bedroom.

In addition to its carminative nature which stimulates good digestion, sweet orange essential oil has relaxing properties. It can therefore help you deal with the stress caused by all the projects you would like to carry out this spring.

If you are lacking energy due to accumulated fatigue, grapefruit essential oil could restore your vitality. Its stimulating properties and fruity smell promote a good mood. As in the case of orange oil, its scent is part of the reason why we appreciate it.

Soothe allergic reactions

In Quebec, 1 in 5 people suffer from allergies in spring. Between sinus congestion, runny noses, sneezing and fatigue, every outing can quickly become a source of hassle. Since allergy is an inflammatory reaction, you can turn to antihistamine, anti-inflammatory and calming essential oils to relieve the symptoms.

Chamomile essential oil acts on inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nose. Organic chamomile floral water can therefore help calm it, in addition to itchy skin and redness. Furthermore, if you get lavender oil to relax, know that it also relieves nasal congestion and skin irritation (by respecting the dosage ) due to allergies.

Take advantage of spring to start a detox

When the days get longer and the air warms, the effects of the long months of sedentary winter catch up with us. We often have the impression that our body is heavy, whereas the return of good weather calls for lightness. Here again, nature offers us solutions thanks to aromatherapy.

Lemon essential oil will quickly find its place in your natural pharmacy! It can help you feel lighter thanks to its draining and digestive properties. This precious ally for your liver also gives off a delicious scent.

To get back in shape and clean up your environment, try the Indian verbena and bergamot room mist . Many virtues are attributed to verbena. It would be used, among other things, to relieve sleep and anxiety disorders. As for bergamot, it is known for its spasmolytic and anxiolytic properties that help you stay calm . To use this mist, simply spray it in your home. Its fresh, lemony scent is sure to refresh your interior, while contributing to your well-being!

Maximize the benefits of aromatherapy

Diffusion in the air and external application are the two safest ways to benefit from aromatherapy. In most cases, atmospheric diffusion is indicated. When spread inside your home, the essential oil is absorbed through your respiratory tract. A few minutes a day are enough to feel the benefits.

Essential oils can also be applied directly to your skin. To do this, simply mix the essential oil with a carrier oil before applying it. Regardless of the route chosen, carefully follow the dosages and any other indications to avoid an adverse reaction.

Aromatherapy is an excellent way to begin the transition from winter to spring with serenity and good humor. Combine it with other approaches, such as exercising, avoiding stimulants like coffee and promoting a calm environment for restful sleep, and it will all go smoothly!

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