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Laissez-vous envoûter par les fines fragrances Essencia

Let yourself be enchanted by the fine Essencia fragrances

With the arrival of winter comes the desire to stay at home for moments of relaxation... For this, Essencia Fine Fragrances will quickly become your best allies! They will allow you to create a pleasant atmosphere in your interior and to make your own beauty or decorative products with delicious smells.

What are Essencia Fragrances?

THE Essencia Fragrances are cosmetic grade concentrated fragrances, made in Canada. They are made from natural Essential Oils supplemented with synthetic aromatic substances.

Like all perfumes, Essencia Fragrances have top, heart and base notes. The top note is the most volatile note, which is smelled just after the perfume is sprayed and persists for several minutes. The heart note develops once the fragrance is released, over several hours. This is the main smell of the product. Finally, the base note, for its part, is present to make the perfume last from several hours to several days. These three notes constitute what we call the “olfactory pyramid”.

Homeocan offers a new range of Essencia Fragrances : from the Garden of Eden to honeysuckle, apple cinnamon, summer rain, jasmine or even peach, everyone will be able to find the scents that suit them among the 22 scents available!

How to use Essencia Fragrances on a daily basis?

Essencia Fragrances can be used in many ways:

  • In potpourri to deodorize the air
  • In broadcast for a pleasant atmosphere
  • In bath products for a moment of relaxation (bath salts, exfoliants, etc.) + Bath bomb
  • To perfume massage oils
  • In cosmetics for self-care (creams, lotions, scrubs, etc.)
  • In body cleansing products (shampoos, soaps, etc.)

Please note: these fragrances contain Essential Oils; they must be diluted before using them on the skin. To be able to mix them with a water-based product, you will need to solubilize them first with Emulcia .

Why fall for Essencia Fragrances?

If you are a fan of DIY, whether for decoration or cosmetics, Essencia Fragrances will quickly become essential! These can therefore be used in diffusion or integrated into cosmetics and products to make yourself.

If you opt for diffusion , you will benefit from the benefits of a pleasant fragrant atmosphere on your well-being. According to THE Essential oils present in the fragrance, they can help you fall asleep, relax, concentrate, boost your energy or, quite simply, make you feel more comfortable in your home! And, when autumn arrives, we bet you will be delighted with this pleasant and warm atmosphere...

Thanks to them, you can let your imagination run wild to make body care products, cleaning products but also decorative objects like candles or potpourri.

Discover all Essencia Fragrances and let yourself be carried away in a whirlwind of scents, each more pleasant than the last!