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Soulager le stress et l’anxiété avec l’homéopathie

Relieve stress and anxiety with homeopathy

If you happen to feel stress and anxiety, know that you are far from being an isolated case. About one in ten Canadians suffer from an anxiety disorder, and more and more young people say they live with stress. Fortunately, several solutions exist to improve our well-being when we are going through a more difficult period.

Homeopathy is an effective way to help naturally reduce certain symptoms related to anxiety, anxiety and stress.

The effect of stress on the human body

The human body is stressed when it is attacked by a physical, psychological or emotional agent. Stress is not always negative, for example when it triggers a rush of adrenaline to respond to an emergency situation. On the other hand, chronic stress can weaken our mental and physical health.

In stressful situations, our body secretes a hormone called cortisol. In the case of stress that lasts for a long time, this hormone is constantly released and creates inflammation in our nervous system. High cortisol levels over a prolonged period of time can lead to symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Symptoms related to stress

There are physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioral symptoms linked to too much stress. Learning to detect them helps prevent them from getting worse.

Physical symptoms include excessive sweating (including sweaty hands), muscle tension, pain such as headache, insomnia, digestive problems, tremors, dizziness and cardiovascular disturbances such as palpitations.

As for emotional symptoms, we note irritability, agitation, fatigue and sadness. The cognitive aspect is characterized by ruminations, constant worry and pessimism, problems concentrating and difficulty making decisions.

There are also behavioral symptoms, such as loss or increase in appetite, withdrawal or other relationship difficulties, changes in eating or sleeping habits, or difficulty taking action to carry out its activities.

Symptoms related to anxiety and depression

When it comes to anxiety, symptoms include uncontrollable worry, restlessness, irritability, muscle tension, feeling dizzy, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, difficulty breathing, racing heart. fast and heavy sweating.

In the case of depression, we notice sadness, a loss of interest in activities that we previously enjoyed, a change in appetite associated with changes in weight, difficulty sleeping, lack of energy, impaired concentration and memory, social avoidance and a feeling of worthlessness and helplessness.

When you notice the appearance of some of these symptoms, it is important to take care of yourself to reduce your stress. To help relieve this naturally, you can opt for a homeopathic product or a relaxation technique, in addition to appropriate medical and psychological follow-up.

Homeopathic remedies for anxiety

There are many natural treatments for stress. Some soothe anxious states while others promote sleep.

Calm anxiety and nervousness

Code Rouge D-Stress tablets provide rapid relief from stress. They promote calm and help reduce tension, anxiety and irritability. The tablets are suitable for children aged two and over as well as adults. Practical, you can chew them or let them melt on the tongue.

Quietude Organic Compound Elixir 20 ml | Bach Flowers

Bach flowers, named after the doctor who created these remedies, can help calm anxiety. Quietude Elixir is a natural treatment that soothes your mind. Composed of several Bach flowers, it promotes expression and self-esteem, invites you to let go and restore tranquility. You can also turn to the Verbena elixir which helps you calm down a moment of pronounced stress.

St. John's wort allows you to relax, get back to sleep and calm anxiety. It is also known for its antidepressant properties, in addition to acting on anxiety, nervousness and stress.

H72 Homeopathic drops against stress

As for them, the H72 homeopathic stress drops are suitable for adults as well as children aged seven and over, and soothe low mood, fatigue and irritability due to stress.

Sleep better

Difficulty falling asleep, waking up at night and waking up early are all manifestations of insomnia. Insomnia passionflower drops calm nervousness and make it easier to fall asleep.

Tilia Tomentosa ORGANIC 60 ml | Gemmo Professional

Based on linden buds, organic t ilia tomentosa from Gemmo Professional has a calming action to reduce anxiety. It promotes and increases the duration of sleep, especially in children. Organic f icus carica ( fig tree bud) from Gemmo Professional acts on the digestive system. Through this action, it soothes the body and mind.

Soothe anxiety with essential oils

Two essential oils also constitute a natural treatment that helps with stress management.

Essencia pure lavender essential oil instantly soothes and calms the body and mind. It helps relieve stress and sleep better.

Pure True Lavender HE 15 ml | Essence

Essencia pure sweet orange essential oil has relaxing properties to cope with stressful situations. Its sweet scent soothes and brings comfort. It also relieves muscle spasms and digestive discomfort.

HE bottle

Pure Sweet Orange HE 15 ml | Essence

Natural methods of stress reduction

Beyond calming remedies, changing our lifestyle is often a good solution to reduce our stress. Certain exercise and dietary guidelines help promote good mental health.

Practicing moderate-to-high intensity physical activities for a cumulative duration of at least 150 minutes per week and relying on Canada's Food Guide to prepare your meals are good starting points. To help you overcome stress, yoga, muscle relaxation and deep breathing techniques are also great tools.

Feeling anxious in certain situations is completely normal. On the other hand, an anxiety disorder refers to disproportionate distress and must be treated. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor if you have any doubts about your situation. Homeopathy cannot replace medical treatment prescribed by a health professional.

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