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L’Arnica montana: une plante reconnue pour ses bienfaits sur la santé

Arnica montana: a plant known for its health benefits

In order to avoid discomfort caused by injuries, bruises, rheumatism, stings or aches, many people restrict their outings and activities. However, there is no need to stop you from having fun! Arnica is a 100% natural product that relieves minor bruises and pain. It's the essential item to have with you, no matter where you spend your summer vacation.

What is Arnica?

Arnica is an aromatic plant with medicinal properties used as a homeopathic remedy. It deserves a special place in your health kit to soothe pain resulting from falls or shocks quickly and effectively.

In the form of oil, cream or granules, arnica relieves hematomas and bruises (the famous bruises!), edema, joint pain and muscle tension, insect bites and varicose veins.

The little history of Arnica montana

Among the thirty species of arnica, Arnica montana or Mountain Arnica is the best known and is usually used in homeopathy. Arnica has active ingredients with numerous medicinal properties which make it an essential remedy for naturally treating injuries of young and old that occur in summer.

Belonging to the botanical family Asteraceae, arnica is a perennial herbaceous plant found mainly in mountainous regions of Europe: in the north of Portugal and Italy as well as in Croatia and Moldova, up to on the slopes of the Pyrenees. A victim of its success, Arnica montana has been weakened by intensive agriculture and soil fertilization. All the more reason to keep it carefully and put it to good use!

The benefits of arnica

In homeopathy, the yellow flowers of Arnica montana are harvested to make mother tinctures and decoctions for external use, in addition to granules for oral intake. Studies confirm an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect in humans . Additionally, the European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy (ESCOP) recognizes the effectiveness of arnica, particularly for the treatment of bruises, injuries such as sprains, insect bites and joint pain.

Uses of Arnica

We generally recommend external use of arnica in the form of massage oil, cream or even gel. Choose products that clearly display their arnica content. However, arnica should not be applied to open wounds.

In summer, mosquitoes and other small insects are back. Arnica ointment is then very effective in relieving the pain of itchy bites. Real little adventurers, children are often the first users of arnica for their little ailments. To avoid pain and crying, arnica is very useful!

Before you go on vacation this summer, pack a small emergency first aid kit for the whole family. If there's one homeopathic remedy to remember, it's arnica!

Natural products for young and old

Homeocan offers different homeopathic products based on arnica . Products to be used externally will help you relieve minor bruises, aches and other small traumas that everyone can suffer while having fun outside in summer.

Arnica creams and oil

For children, the Homeopathic Arnica+ pain relief cream from the Children 0-9 range is an effective formula for treating sores, unscented and non-greasy. Thanks to its small size, it is easily transportable. Apply a thin layer three times a day or as needed to painful areas, then massage gently.

Adults are not immune from a nasty fall or shock. Arnica+ Pain Relief Cream helps relieve minor, painful injuries, bruises and other trauma. This cream can also be used very well to reduce aches and pains after a good sports session!

Organic Arnica Healing Oil from the Essencia range has been used for medicinal purposes since the 1500s. It is useful for relieving all kinds of bruises and pain. For example, you can massage your shoulders to reduce stiffness resulting from long-distance driving.

Arnica is also effective as a preventative measure in cases of significant physical exertion . Before your sports session or a long hike, a quick application of arnica cream or oil will allow you to tone your body and prepare your muscles for exercise.

Arnica granules and drops in homeopathy

Orally, caution is required, because arnica is quickly toxic, except in the form of homeopathic products, strictly respecting the dosage. Homeocan offers products in granule and drop form.

Arnica homeopathic granule complex is formulated for the symptomatic relief of minor bruises, strains, sprains or even muscle pain and aches. These granules can be used in addition to an arnica-based cream. Let three granules dissolve under your tongue, three times a day.

Looking for a customizable natural solution? Homeocan Lab offers Arnica montana unit granules or drops in several possible concentrations. Choose the dilution that best suits your symptoms after consulting a healthcare professional!

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